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Sherief Marzouk explains what Dry Needling is

What is dry needling

Many people have heard of Dry Needling but few are aware of what it actually is or how it works.
Dry Needling is the act of using acupuncture needles in a specific way to help alleviate muscular issues and associated referred pain patterns around the body. The needling method is designed to minimise pain felt by the patient. Generally speaking the needle is inserted into the problematic area of the muscle and moved / twirled in specific ways to allow the muscle to relax and promote healing. The treatment method is designed so that the patient does not feel sharp pain but dull discomfort is normal and a sign that the treatment is working. This discomfort is very manageable and not something to be fearful of.

Dry Needling addresses muscular Trigger Points (commonly known as a Knot) in the muscle. Trigger Points can cause mild to extremely severe levels of pain both at the site of the Trigger Point itself or refer pain elsewhere in the body. If you are suffering knee pain for example, the problem is not necessarily the knee and the pain may be referred from knots within the muscles around the knee.

Dry Needling encourages muscular relaxation, increased blood flow and release of toxins held within the muscle. Some patients report immediate results and some require a days rest post the treatment before results become apparent.

Dry Needling is an excellent treatment method that we use here in Galway Bay Chartered Physiotherapy Sports and Injury Clinic, but we use it as a complimentary treatment to many others.

We regularly have success with Dry Needling in the treatment of many conditions such as: lower back pain, upper back pain, shoulder pain, headaches, hip pain, groin pain, buttock pain, leg pain, knee pain, heel pain and many more.

Come see if Dry Needling is the right technique to help you regain independence from pain and live life to its full again.

Feel free to contact us to book your appointment or to ask us any questions related to Dry Needling or any treatment carried out in Galway Bay Physio.

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