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The Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists

Athenry Clinic

Galway Bay Physio are proud to launch our new innovative Performance and Strength Testing service, exclusively in our Athenry Clinic.

This affordable service combines the use of the most accurate and recent technology to assess strength and performance of your lower limbs in the clinic setting.

This service is especially designed for those returning from long term injury who wish to accurately assess whether their lower limb strength and function has returned to baseline level. The “baseline” level is determined by their uninjured side.



It can be greatly beneficial in assessing the variance of strength and performance from one limb to the other in order to improve your muscular balance and hence, performance.

Please note that this test does not compare strength or performance against any normative data (figures from the general population).

Strength: We assess the strength of the major muscle groups of each leg at all relevant angles of movement to assess if the raw strength of the muscle has been restored to that of the un-injured limb.

Performance: We combine the data from the strength testing, along with the data obtained from our dynamic testing unit, allowing us to test the dynamic power of the lower limbs through a battery of jumping, landing and running tests.

Report: Combining the data above, our Senior Chartered Physiotherapists will generate a report which interprets all of the data in order to make key suggestions on areas of weakness to target, and also specific exercises which may benefit the athlete.

Progress: This report can be used by our qualified staff, or alternatively your therapist/strength coach, to tailor your rehabilitation and training programme to specifically target the areas you need to work on and ultimately progress your performance.

No more guess work, GET THE DATA!!

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