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The Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists

Neuro PhysiotherapyThis service is provided for those living with a neurological condition, such as Stroke, Spinal Cord Injury, Brain Injury, Parkinson’s Disease and any other condition that affects the brain or spinal cord. There is a strong evidence base in support of exercise and physiotherapy in recovery from, and long term management of neurological conditions.

This service is designed for those who wish to live well with a neurological condition. To avail of this service, ideally you will have been discharged from your primary care team, have ongoing goals for your mobility and function and can attend our clinic in Oranmore.

We provide a comprehensive assessment, looking at your strength, flexibility, sensation, proprioception and co-ordination. All of these can be affected by a neurological condition.

Together we will devise a treatment plan specific to your needs and goals. Your programme may include aspects of strengthening, stretching and task specific practice.

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If you are unsure of whether or not you are suitable to attend a chartered physiotherapist, feel free to contact us for a free telephone consultation.

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