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If in doubt, get it checked out!

Have you ever been guilty of leaving things to the last minute? It might be work, studying or even pain.
Think now on all those times where if you studied for that exam a bit more you would’ve aced it. Or if you had submitted all that work on Friday, you’d have the whole weekend to relax… instead you’re still finishing off work on your Saturday. The same goes for pain. We think, “Yeah I’ll wait now a few days and see how it is”. Then a few days turn to weeks very quickly. You’re possibly in even more pain now!

Like a lot of things in life, the sooner we see to it, the sooner we’re back to ourselves.
So if you’ve had that niggle in your ankle or this random pain in your knee since you’ve been driving more, book in to have one of our experienced Therapists see to it.

Imagine your injury is like a piece of paper with a small tear in it. It’s still a piece of paper, but something just doesn’t feel right. Then you go about your daily duties, shopping, driving, playing sport and suddenly that tear in the paper starts getting bigger. The pain has increased and now everything you do seems to set it off. If we ignore that tear in the paper, it will rip right through the page leaving you in an awful
amount of pain when it does.

In the clinic we can offer a Sports Performance Testing service where we compare each lower limb to each other and see if there is any performance affecting deficits. This service also acts as a bookmark of where you are performance wise, with an injury, during your rehab and subsequently in complete recovery.

We have Deep tissue massage slots in the evening slots in each of our clinics to work around your busy schedule. Perfect for them tense shoulders or that pain in between your shoulder blades. Our therapists have years of experience with Back pain, Neck pain, Shoulder pain and Sports injuries, we are sure to have someone to suit your needs.
Don’t spend the holiday period in unnecessary pain.
Make sure you get yourself in fine working order for 2024!by Alan Harrington, Athletic Therapist

If you would like to book an appointment with Alan, or any of our other therapists, you can call us on 091 569706, email us at or BOOK ONLINE at

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