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How to stay fit and limber during isolation

Happy New Year to you all. In these tricky and often frustrating times, I really hope you all had an opportunity to get some R&R over the last few weeks.

I am here isolating with my wife and 2 kids (2 and 5 year old busy girls) at home after being told we are a close contact of someone who has COVID-19. In my spare time (of which there is very little), I fall into the trap of looking at the phone to see if there has been any update on the isolation periods. I am sure most of you can understand my scenario.

However, by the end of my fruitless search, I realise that I have just lost 30 or 40minutes of my precious “free time”, which could have been better spent at doing something more worthwhile.

So, a few days ago, while cleaning out the back garden I started to explore what garden equipment I could use to replace my gym routine.

Crazy Perhaps, but here are some examples:
➡ Large Planter was used for Bent Over Row
➡ Tricep dips were performed between 2 benches
➡ I used a one of the benches for shoulder press
➡ One million burpees on a dirty footpath
➡ Bicep curls with kids bicycles (I am not joking)

Yes, I have gone a little mad, however it got me away from the phone and suddenly the self isolation didn’t seem as prolonged. Suddenly my enthusiasm has led the hotpress, kitchen cupboards and under the stairs have also been cleaned out and tidied.

Rather than suggest that you all try to copy my madness, I would urge you to take a few moments and explore how you may be able to incorporate a new regime into these crazy times. Some people refer it to “New Years Resolutions” and the like. I would like to think of it as a simple “restart”.

Below are a few tips to help you restart the year, which may help your own Mental and Physical well-being.

1. Sit Less
A Lot of us have been forced to work from home over the last 2 years, so try to get up off the couch/chair as much as possible. Maybe set a reminder every hour to get up away from the chair.

2. Find a physical activity that you actually like
Often we take part in an exercise because it sounds amazing, or we were wowed by an image or story online. Maybe try to find an activity that you really enjoy, or have enjoyed in the past. Dancing, rock climbing, online Zumba etc. It doesn’t really matter what it is as long as you enjoy it and it gets you away from the phone/chair.

3. Drink more water/eat more fruit and Veg
Are you drinking enough water during the day? Perhaps you are feeling Thirsty, rather than feeling hungry? Staying hydrated has been shown to help with concentration, fatigue and even reducing pain.

4. Get that niggling pain or stiffness treated
Maybe you have been putting off getting that ache/pain/soreness looked at. However if your desire is to be more fit an healthy this year, perhaps avoid any barriers to achieving your goals by visiting one of the team at Galway Bay Physio.

Most long term or chronic problems start out as something small, and they are much easier to treat in the early stages, so don’t delay in contacting us to book in and get your issues resolved.

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