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Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Myofascial Release

Everyone is prone to muscle tightness, not just athletes. You could be sitting at a desk for hours or
on your feet all day. That “tight” sensation people feel are their muscles overworking. Common
areas of tightness may be in the shoulder and neck area or the lower back, or even the legs after a
heavy gym session or intense match.

Of course, wherever you have muscles- you can feel tightness.

Calf Pain


Deep tissue massage aims to work out this tightness or “knots” in the muscle. We do this by placing
varying amounts of pressure along the muscle belly. The pressured strokes along the muscle release
these knots while also flushing any lactic acid build-up.

This technique is proven to increase the muscle’s flexibility, alleviate pain, improve posture, and leave the patient with a sense of relaxation…

Massage is for everybody! If you are a student coming into exam season, a lot of that pressure and
stress is being held in the neck and shoulders and may even be the cause of headaches.


Athletes take advantage of Sports Massage before and after games. Some opt for a massage before their
match, to feel looser and more relaxed. While after their game the massage is aimed at releasing all
the built-up lactic acid that makes limbs feel “heavy”.


Busy professionals on their feet for hours upon hours during the day may benefit from a lower back and glute massage after being upright for so long.

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