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Golf Injuries & Conditioning by Richard Grier

Golf Injuries and conditioning “Golf is an old man’s sport”, something that is heard quite often. However the physical demands of golf for top tour pros are very high. The average tour pro swings their driver at 120mph, this is not easily done without appropriate training, flexibility and strength. While you may only walk about […]

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Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common types of heel pain. It occurs when the thick band of tissue that runs from your heel to your toes, known as plantar fascia, becomes inflamed. Plantar fasciitis commonly presents as an overuse injury, that occurs due to repetitive strain causing micro- tears in the fascia but […]

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New Year, New You

New Year, new you right? Are you thinking of changing your activity level for the better in 2024? That’s great! Exercising regularly has a million and one benefits, some of which are; Losing some excess body weight Improving your cardiovascular (Heart) health Improving your mental health Building some extra muscle as well as improving your […]

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The Importance of Strong & Active Glutes

The gluteal muscle group (buttock muscles) consists of the gluteus maximus, (the largest and strongest muscle in the body), gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, and the tensor fasciae latae muscles. They are located at the posterior aspect of the pelvis and function in stabilizing the upper body and pelvis, and aid in locomotion. The gluteal muscles […]

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If in doubt, get it checked out!

Have you ever been guilty of leaving things to the last minute? It might be work, studying or even pain. Think now on all those times where if you studied for that exam a bit more you would’ve aced it. Or if you had submitted all that work on Friday, you’d have the whole weekend […]

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Quadriceps Muscle Strains by Roisin Leen

A quadriceps muscle strain is an acute tear of the quadricep muscles located at the front of your thigh. The quadriceps muscle group consists of four muscles: 1) rectus femoris, 2) vastus lateralis, 3) vastus medialis, and 4) vastus intermedius. These muscles primarily function in extending the knee, however, the rectus femoris muscle also contributes to hip […]

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