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Ligament Injuries – What you need to know

What Are Ligaments? Ligaments are bands of connective tissue composed of collagen that connect one bone to another. They serve as passive stabilizers of joints, meaning they do not contract or activate like muscles to stabilize a joint. Besides providing stability, ligaments play a crucial role in proprioception—the sense that lets you know the location, […]

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Tips for Staying Pain Free while Travelling this Summer by Roisin Leen

With summer now in full swing and peak holiday season fast approaching, we here at Galway Bay Physio have come up with some top tips to help keep all aches and pains at bay so that everyone can try and enjoy a well-deserved break this summer. First things first, if you are currently experiencing any […]

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Soft Tissue Massage – What is it and why choose it? by Jack MacCullagh, Athletic Therapist

Soft tissue massage (STM) is one of the oldest and most common treatment techniques in a physiotherapist’s toolkit. STM is a versatile and effective method for relieving muscle tension and promoting overall wellness. What is Soft Tissue Massage? You might have heard athletes or fitness enthusiasts mention getting an STM to alleviate tight muscles after […]

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Vertigo & Vestibular Rehabilitation

Vertigo is a sense that you or your surroundings are spinning or moving. The most common cause is Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), which is a debilitating condition. It is an inner ear disorder in which changes in the position of the head, such as lying down, rolling in bed, bending forwards or tipping the […]

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When is an ankle sprain NOT just an ankle sprain? by Alan Harrington

Ankle injuries are so common. They can happen to anyone, from athletes to the average person going about their daily life. One of, if not the most frequently encountered ankle injury is a sprain. As simple as missing a step on the stairs, walking down the cobbled streets of Galway to getting caught in a […]

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Golf Injuries & Conditioning by Richard Grier

Golf Injuries and conditioning “Golf is an old man’s sport”, something that is heard quite often. However the physical demands of golf for top tour pros are very high. The average tour pro swings their driver at 120mph, this is not easily done without appropriate training, flexibility and strength. While you may only walk about […]

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