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Ciaran Coyle's Author Archive

New Clinic Opening in Ballinasloe

Galway Bay Physio are delighted to announce that we are opening a new clinic in Ballinasloe in April 2023. The clinic will be located on Dunlo Hill, next to Billy King’s Pharmacy. Since opening its first clinic in Galway City in 2012, Galway Bay Physio has expanded our Chartered Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinics to […]

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Bursitis by Stephen Coleman

Bursitis is the inflammation or swelling and irritation of a structure in the body known as a bursa. A bursa is essentially a fluid filled sac that usually lies between bone and soft tissues that are usually adjacent to other soft tissues. The purpose of the Bursa is to reduce friction usually between bone and […]

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Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Everyone is prone to muscle tightness, not just athletes. You could be sitting at a desk for hours or on your feet all day. That “tight” sensation people feel are their muscles overworking. Common areas of tightness may be in the shoulder and neck area or the lower back, or even the legs after a […]

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How to best treat Shin Splints – by Richard Grier, Athletic Therapist

Do you get pain in your shins? Maybe you have medial tibial stress syndrome or better known by most as “Shin Splints”. What is it? Shin splints is pain that affects the shin bone (Tibia) because of repetitive activities. It’s caused by overuse of the muscles that attach onto your Tibia. The anatomy usually but not […]

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Can tightness in the quad muscles be a factor in lower back pain?

Definition The quadriceps muscles are located at the front of your leg and is commonly referred to as the front thigh. Tightness in the quads could be creating pain and a posture problem for you. Different forces may be the cause and multiple forces may be happening at the same time: Tight quads can lead to […]

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Change of Fees Notice

Due to the increased costs of supplies from ALL of our suppliers we will be reluctantly increasing our prices slightly from March 1st 2023. A standard appointment will be €65 from this date. You should be able to claim a refund from your Health Insurance Company, or on your Tax Return Form via More […]

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