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Ciaran Coyle's Author Archive

Neurological Rehabilitation Service

This service is provided for those living with a neurological condition, such as Stroke, Spinal Cord Injury, Brain Injury, Parkinson’s Disease and any other condition that affects the brain or spinal cord. There is a strong evidence base in support of exercise and physiotherapy in recovery from, and long term management of neurological conditions. This […]

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Golfer’s Elbow by Richard Grier

Are you an avid golfer or even just taken up the sport and you're getting some elbow pain? Golfer’s Elbow is the basic name given to Medial Epicondylitis, a condition which causes pain on the inside of the elbow but can spread to the forearm and wrist overtime. Medial epicondylitis means inflammation of the site […]

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Aaron McDermott joins the Galway Bay Physio Team

About Aaron “I am a Chartered Physiotherapist with 10 years experience working in private practice and sports medicine. I have worked at elite sport level with Inter-county Senior Men’s Gaelic Football and Connacht Rugby Age Grade teams as well as several Underage Inter-county and Senior club GAA and Rugby teams. I achieved an MSc in […]

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Groin Injuries

Have you ever been walking or running and you take a step into a small divot in the ground and get that sharp pain on the inside of your leg? That could be a groin injury.It wouldn’t be uncommon for athletes who partake in ‘kicking sports’ to avoid a groin injury or two during their […]

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Physio Led Pilates – Starts Monday 14th August

Why do we recommend Pilates? Pilates focuses on three main areas: stability, mobility and breath awareness. It helps the body to relearn how to move in the most efficient way. The more we can learn to build awareness of these areas the more we use them in day to day life and the more we […]

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Knee Replacement & How Physiotherapy can help

There are about 2200 total knee replacements carried out in Ireland each year. I’m sure we all know of someone close to us who has had such a procedure carried out. The main reason someone will have a total knee replacement (TKR) is down to osteoarthritis. Physiotherapy plays a big role in the process of […]

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