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Ciaran Coyle's Author Archive

Police by Stephen Coleman

  Acute Injury Management – POLICE Principle by Stephen Coleman   The current best practice for acute injury management follows the POLICE principle. POLICE is an acronym that stands for Protection, Optimal Loading, Ice, Compression and Elevation. Previously RICE & PRICE were used to signify rest and protection, but in recent years this has been […]

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Meniere’s Syndrome by David Kelly

Meniere’s is a disorder of the inner ear that is also known as idiopathic endolymphatic hydrops. This condition causes increased hydraulic pressure within the inner ear endolymphatic system. Excess pressure accumulation in the endolymph can cause symptoms including: Fluctuating Hearing Loss Vertigo Tinnitus or Ringing in the Ears Aural Fullness Although Meniere’s disease can affect people […]

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The Treatment Table by Emmett Hartigan

This season, our physios at Galway Bay Physio will try to give some insight and knowledge into the most common issues surrounding football players of all levels in terms of injuries and most importantly how to avoid them. The first point, as I’m sure we’re all well aware, is that we need to warm up. […]

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Deep Tissue Massage Extended

Deep Tissue Massage Service Extended to ALL Galway Bay Physio Clinics We are super excited to announce that Deep Tissue Massages are now available at all our clinics in Galway, Oranmore and Athenry.  Keith Griffin and Richard Grier will be providing this service. They have extensive  musculoskeletal and sports therapy experience working with high performance teams. The […]

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Vertigo also medically known as benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) is a debilitating condition. It is an inner ear disorder in which changes in the position of the head, such as tipping the head backwards, head rotation can lead to vertigo– a feeling that the room is spinning. The vertigo sensation can range from mild […]

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Gluteal Tendinopathy

What is Gluteal Tendinopathy? Gluteal tendinopathy or Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome (GTPS) refers to localised pain on the outside of the hip joint, commonly coinciding with dysfunction of the gluteal muscles.  The gluteal tendons attach the gluteal muscles of the buttocks to the side of the hip. The gluteal muscles are essential for walking, running, […]

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