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Archive for 2022

Resistance Training by Darragh Bolton

What is resistance training and why it helps us to get better? If you have had any type of injury and attended a physiotherapist you would have been advised to do some exercises. Your physiotherapist may have referred to these exercises as strength training or resistance training. But when exactly does that mean and how […]

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Noisy Knees by Stephen Coleman

Noisy knees are exceptionally common and there are a lot of different explanations for what might cause these noises. Generally benign noises can be referred to as crepitus. Crepitus or noisy knees can be present in up to 99% of healthy knees as reported by some studies. That is an enormous prevalence rate. The types of noises […]

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Cramps by Stephen Coleman

Most people will likely have experienced a muscle cramp at some point int their lives. Muscle cramps during exercise and sport are very common and are referred to as exercise associated muscle cramps (EAMC). A cramp is essentially a painful involuntary contraction of a working muscle group or a spasm. It is usually localised and found […]

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Physio Led Pilates Classes | Beginners 5 Week Course

5 WEEK COURSE STARTING 27TH OF JUNE LOCATION : 5 Classes for €75 ONLY A FEW SPACES LEFT MONDAYS 5-6PM 6-7PM 7-8PM CALL TO BOOK NOW  091 569706 What Are The Benefits of Physiotherapy Led Pilates Classes? Physiotherapy led classes have a small number of participants so that all participants can be observed and guided […]

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Exercise is the BEST Medicine

Exercise…We all know it’s good for us, but unfortunately, we are not great at making time for exercise in our busy modern-day lifestyles. A recent survey showed only 45% of the Irish population meet the international physical activity guidelines. As a result, the incidence of obesity and chronic health conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, […]

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Sever’s Disease by David Kelly

What is Sever’s Disease? Severs disease is a very common condition among children going through growth spurts, practically all of those who play sports can be affected. It is also known as calcaneal apophysitis. When the growth plate at the back on the heel becomes flamed this is classified as severs. Symptoms can include pain […]

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