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Archive for 2022

Physio-led Pilates Classes Starting 9th January 2023

Do you suffer from a stiff and sore back or neck? Looking for a way to rebuild your core strength and improve mobility? Have you been wondering how to start back into exercise after a long period? Well Pilates is a great place to start. Currently we see a range of people who would benefit from […]

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Keeping Active Over Christmas

Keeping Active Over Christmas During the Christmas it is inevitable that our activity levels may reduce or grind to a halt as we relax and take shelter from the cold. Family and friends arrive to the house to visit, and we live a slightly more sedentary lifestyle for a week or more. As well as […]

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Reducing the risk of injury coming into the New Year by Rachel Keane

Reducing the risk of injury coming into the new year Whether you are an athlete returning to play after the off season or if you are looking to get back into exercise after an extended break, January is a common time of year for people to get back to their sport/ exercise of choice. After […]

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Shin Splints by Mark Hughes

Shin Splints Shin splints, also known as Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome, presents commonly as pain on the inner side of the tibia (shin). This injury often occurs in runners but also in other activities that include a lot of jumping and repetitive actions on a hard surface, eg basketball or dancing. It usually comes on after a change in your training […]

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Stitches by Stephen Coleman

Stitches Stitches are very common among people who run or participate in sports that involve running. They are so common that it’s estimated that one in five people will experience a stitch during a long distance running event. A stitch is painful for anyone who experiences it and is usually described as a sharp, stabbing […]

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Contusion/Dead Leg by Keith Griffin

Dead Leg What is a dead leg/muscle? Most commonly a dead leg happens in the quadriceps which is a group of four muscles (Rectus femoris/Vastus lateralis/Vastus medialis and Vastus intermedius) that make up the thigh at the front of your leg. A dead leg (also known as a contusion or haemorrhage) is damage to the […]

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